Duplicating a Knowledge Check Block Issue

I just noticed that when I have duplicated a knowledge check block on a page they are all "linked" and whatever I choose as the answer for one becomes the answer for all duplicated knowledge blocks. Is this supposed to happen? I honestly don't know if this is a new issue or not, and it would be hard to figure out how far back this might go because I couldn't be sure for any given set of knowledge blocks if I had definitely duplicated them or not.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kelly.  Thanks for bringing this issue up.  We have it documented as of August 29, and it looks like is impacting our Rise releases from August 23 through the latest (September 13).  I hope that range helps narrow down your scope if you need to investigate your knowledge check blocks that you've created or duplicated since then.

I'm tagging this discussion so that I can update you with any fixes. I hope it isn't slowing you down too much.