Editing Labels in Rise affects all rise courses


I edited the custom text on the first navigation label in Rise 360 to say "Click & Scroll" instead of "Start Lessons".   I was creating a presentation that was not a really course, so "lessons"  was inappropriate.  Next, I created a lesson which should say "Start lessons" but it follow the labels for the other lesson. Is there a way to parse them, so that the custom changes affect only one course?  

The only possibility I can see is to publish/export the course and host it elsewhere, then change the the custom labels for the net course.  Otherwise, they all need to share the same  labels. 

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Karl Muller

If you use the default label set when you create a new course, all of the courses for which you are the owner will use that one label set. So if you make a change to the label set, it will also change for all the courses that use that same label set.

If you want a label set that is used by just one course, you need to select CREATE NEW on the LABELS page and use a unique name. Then edit that label set and the labels for your other courses will not change.