Edits to Rise 360 Course After Publishing as Web Link?

Nov 17, 2021

I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but I published a Rise 360 course as a web link that will be hosted by my agency. I did the zip file export and everything. It hasn't yet gone out to staff, and I am wondering if I can still make edits before anyone has started it. If so, do I have to export/publish again, or does the course just automatically update?

Also, can users who access the course through the published web link come back to it and complete it in multiple sittings? I believe this is the case but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

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Karl Muller


Whenever you make changes to the Rise course, you need to re-publish it.

Be aware that when publishing for web, there is no student tracking or bookmarking.

Whenever students return to the course, there will be no evidence of where they were before or what parts of the course they had previously completed. So each time they return, they will have to restart the course from the beginning.