Embedded Videos

I've just used the embedded video option in Rise for the first time - other videos are uploaded from my PC - and if you add a step in which is a continuation block, you don't seem to be able to "force" the learner to watch the clip all the way through before being able to progress.

If you import from your PC, that seems to work just fine, but using the embed feature doesn't work in the same way. I'm using the embedding via the iframe option and it's a clip from YouTube that I'm putting in as part of a larger piece of content.

Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elaine!

Sounds like you need to make sure your learners are watching the Youtube video before moving on.  With embedded media, because it's hosted externally, there's no way for Rise to trigger a continue button when the learner completes the video.  You'll want to insert a video from a file for maximum control over learners viewing that content.