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Hoping someone can help with the embedding of youtube videos. Youtube no longer have the option to deselect recommended videos once the clip finishes, this is a huge problem for me as I embed medical videos (I am sure you can imagine some of the suggested videos that appear - very unprofessional!) Some sites suggest adding the ?rel=0 code to the url/embed code. When placed in Rise message is unable to embed - interestingly it then displays the video which can be viewed in preview mode but not when published. Is there any way around this other than a paid account or actually uploading the video.

Look forward to any suggestions or differernt ways to upload videos.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Ruth!

The rel parameter determines which related videos will be suggested at the end of the video.

  • rel=0 means related videos will come from the same channel as the source video.

While there isn't a way to block recommended videos completely, you could try looping the video. Here's how to set up the looping: 

  • loop=0 means the video won't loop (default)
  • loop=1 means the video will loop

Note: The loop parameter requires that you also use the playlist parameter. Set the playlist parameter equal to your video ID. Here's the URL format for a looping video: