Embedding 360 into Rise - Will Quiz Work?

Aug 29, 2017

Hi: I must say I was hoping that the update would have included an expansion to the quiz feature - been waiting for months.

So, with the ability to embed a 360 module into Rise will the quiz feature in the embedded module work and report to the LMS - I am thinking not?

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Brenda Stutsky

Hi: I didn't even try yet, just asking the question. But, it would be a Storyline 360 project that is essentially just a quiz because Rise does not currently support different question types. I have built a Rise module, posted that in the LMS and then a second quiz module in Storyline 360 and posted that in the LMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying! And you're right--the LMS wouldn't pull data from the embedded Storyline quiz into the tracking data for the Rise course. 

By the way, what question types are you interested in? We're looking at adding more question types in the future, and it's helpful for us to know the types most people want to see. ☺️

Trainer Massage

Multiple Choice questions would be great. I am not familiar with Storyline and only a newcomer to Rise, but l would like to suggest 3 things regarding the structure of the MC Questions, you may already have these suggestions covered:

1. Flexibility in the number of response options provided ie. there is no set number of responses eg. we can construct a 4 response question, 5, 6 .... or whatever we want

2. Responses are not A, B, C etc

3. Can have the option of structuring questions so that there is more than one possible answer

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Robert! Thanks for those suggestions. As of now, Multiple Choice quiz questions do have the flexibility to add any number of responses. Simply click in the "Add a choice" field to add more response options!

Also, can you tell me more about what you mean by "Responses are not A, B, C, etc."?  Do you mean that you don't want to show an alphabetical letter before each response?

Elizabeth Kohler


Not finding the answer anywhere else so figured I'd post it in this thread.  When posting a quiz question as a Storyline Interactive feature within a lesson, Can you require a correct answer before moving on in the course or control the amount of times a person can try before moving on?  We don't need a score recorded, just a way to control navigation by giving a correct answer.  Any information is appreciated.


Elizabeth Kohler

Let's say I don't want a course to track completion based on a quiz, rather 100% of the course is viewed. However, I want users to have to answer 360 quiz questions at the end of each lesson correctly before continuing on in the course. Also, in each lesson they have to answer question 1 correctly first before moving on to question 2, and they must answer both correctly before the Continue button will work. I'm not seeing if this is possible. (sorry if I'm not explaining well...)

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