Embedding a Storyline Module in Rise as a Showstopper

Dec 19, 2017

Some people asked if it's possible to embed a Storyline module in Rise, so that users would have to complete some activity in Storyline before they can move on.

Not out of the box. It's a showstopper. Hence, I named the challenge Showstopper. This method is not supported and may not work everywhere. Take a look at the prototype:


I'll follow up with a blog how it's done. Maybe it helps out some until the feature is for real.

UPDATE: How to do it: http://bit.ly/2DfGKHK


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Wow! Love to hear that you're creating so many lessons in Rise. 😀

This feature was highly requested, so we’re super excited to have this first iteration live. And, we've already got more goodness planned around maturing this feature. Stay tuned! 

I've sent your suggestion to our development team for review. And of course we love hearing your specific feedback on what would be most valuable to you, so please continue to share your ideas with us.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zsolt! 

Thanks again for bringing this up and sharing here.

I chatted with our team earlier this morning and confirmed that this is the intended behavior for Storyline blocks in Rise.  They're designed to go full screen automatically, and you can click the small X icon in the top left to close the lightbox and return to the Rise page itself. I shared this forum discussion and a few others with our team as a possible new feature idea! 

I'll keep ya posted here, and feel free to also submit your own feature request with us right here. 😁 

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