Embedding an Instagram account - errors

Hi all,

I am trying to embed an Instagram account using the 'Multimedia / Embed' function. I get the following error each time: 'We are unable to generate an embed for this URL. Please check that the URL is valid and the content is publicly accessible.' 

Here is the account in question: https://www.instagram.com/uofgmsccriticalcare/ 

Could someone assist? 



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Chino Navarro

Hi Dustin,

To embed sites into Rise 360, you can insert them in an iframe. I tried inserting Instagram links in an iframe into my Rise 360 course but I got a refused to connect error. Further checking on this reveals that Instagram is set to SAMEORIGIN, which means we cannot insert an Instagram page in a frame that is outside of Instagram itself.

I will leave the community to chime in if they found anything around this.