Embedding in content from SL to Rise - submit button / block completion triggers

I am embedding in content from SL to Rise - is there a way to make the "submit" button on the modern player bigger? Currently it's not very noticeable.

And is it possible to make a continue button below the interaction only appear clickable, when a quiz has been completed (submit button pressed or similar trigger)?


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Mhairi,

There's no way to make it bigger, however you have 3 options:

  • Icon only
  • Text only
  • Icon and text

If you're using the icon and finding it's not very visible, I would try using the icon and text option. You'll find that option in the player settings window, under colors and effects (see screenshot).

Regarding your section question, yes you can make the continue button clickable only after the learner has completed the activity or activites above. Check out the second video on this page to see how to set that up.

I hope that helps! :)