Embedding Rise Lessons into Canvas Without iframes

Greetings all,

I've done the SCORM thing but we'd love to keep our Canvas pages free of multiple scrollbars and having to scroll up and down with two scrollbars to see partially hidden Rise content. Is there a way to have Rise content on a Canvas page where it scrolls just like every other Canvas page scrolls? This seems to be a basic expectation for an HTML page... but it just doesn't seem to be the case. One person equated the process to control an RC car with a remote as the car is coming toward you. Left is right. Right is left. Please help!!

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Math Notermans

As i use Canvas too for both Tilburg University and Fontys University and for both we use Rise and Storyline to create courses i for sure can help you. The double scrollbar issue aint fun and although it can be tackled it depends a lot on your particular Canvas setup. A lot also depends on the screen size of the pages you are using to add the Rise courses too and the 'screen-estate' of your users... 

Math Notermans

As an extra tip or inspiration for you... i just today succeeded in creating dynamic components for Canvas. So a Storyline file published as Scorm or Web..i add to Instructure's Canvas... its setup in a way that teachers can duplicate the page/module it is in...and then can customize or complete change images and texts. For quite a while i couldnot get this working mainly due to Canvas limitation on Javascript in the RCE editor, but today figured out how to get around that and get that working.

DLJo York

We have the same frustration.  You can set the Canvas assignment to open on a new page, but then the learner has to figure out that they need to close the tab when they're done.  

What we've is to add navigation cues in the Rise course.  Things like "Keep scrolling until you see the "Success" message.  Then each course has the same "Success" message at the very end.  I'm also working on a Rise course about how to navigate Rise in Canvas.

Math Notermans

Keep me updated on that...sounds interesting. Next week im gonna talk with a company specialized in LTI development. One thing i want is a LTI for browsing a library of Storyline components that teachers then can add to their Canvas page/course...and edit at will. The Storyline part i got all figured out...now the LTI part :-)