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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jen!

I'll leave the amazing ideas to the community, but I did want to let you know that you can choose what you'd like your learners to 'finish' with.

For example, maybe the course is tracked by a quiz and they get a great result:

...but they can proceed to some additional feedback/instruction if needed:

It's up to you! I cannot wait to see what others have done :)

Karl Muller

There is no course level end screen in Rise.

Learners know the course is completed when all Lessons have been checked off.

Depending on your tracking options, in the top left-hand corner it may also display 100%

We have never had an issue where learners did not know that the course had been completed.

Chris Warso

Hi Laura, 

I just had the same concern and searched here before I was able to figure out a resolve. Hope you have already figured this out but I thought I'd share my resolution. If I understand you correctly; you are wanting to end a course without having to include a quiz which is what I needed as well. I was able to use a button block and select the destination to the button to be "Exit the course (title of course)", and labeled the button "END COURSE" Hope this helps. 

Nick Elzy

Well, to be fair, you're not aware of any issues or uncertainty.  Often people don't report uncertainty or confusion.  There should clearly be a visible ending.  I'm surprised Rise doesn't have a button to push where then it takes you to a screen that welcomes your participation or something like that (similar to what is done routinely with surveys).