Enhanced Animated GIF support

I've been able to use animated GIFs to get around using large video files. I like the functionality, and my clients are generally pleased. That said, I wonder if it is not possible for some added functionality to be supported. For example, one complaint my clients have had is that the GIF keeps looping. Those of you who know how animated GIFs work would understand that this is because you have to choose the repeat interval when you create the GIF, but it would be great if Rise could recognize that a GIF is an animated one and give you some of the following options:

- Only play when a use clicks a play button

- A pause button

-A rewind/fast forward button


Some people might ask "well why not just use a video?", to which my response would be "often GIFs are smaller, and when file size/bandwidth are a concern, GIFs can be a good tool for very short animations/video."


Is anything like this on the roadmap?


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Justin Phillips


You can add GIFs by using any of the add image options in Rise. Rise treats them just like still images.

I've yet to personally encounter a GIF that was too big to load. That said, if you're having GIFs that are too large to load, you may actually want to consider either directly embedded video, or a link to a site where a video can be housed. IMO, the biggest advantage of GIFs is their small size in relation to video, so when that advantage is out of play, then video is a better option.

You may also want to look at how the GIF was encoded if you created yourself. If you're trying to use an off-the-shelf GIF from elsewhere, there could be any number of things going on.

Jamila Breese

We would like the ability to loop an animated GIF just once in RISE. I see from other forum posts users have reported the same request / desire for Storyline, but it doesn't seem to have been addressed yet. Since file size is a big issue for our content, we would very much like to see a solution to this issue. Is it still in the works?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jamila.  Are you able to instead insert a short video file of the animation?  If file size is an issue, what if you embedded the video hosted externally as an option?  Using those options, your learners would also have the ability to replay the animation if they need to see it again.

Renata Lovallo

Hi All!

I found 2 ways to embed gipfs from giphy.

1. Copy the embed frame (responsive one) an cut the bold part. You will see a very small giphy, but if works for you then ok.

EX: <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/3oEjHVWHII9mrJIFSU" width="480" height="393" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/percolategalactic-3oEjHVWHII9mrJIFSU">via GIPHY</a></p> (cut this part).

2. Save the giphy as an image, and then upload it. In the edit mode and preview mode you will not see any king of link to the giphy website, or developer mode. IT WORKS!