Enlarge Image not working in Rise (on Moodle)

I am experiencing a new issue when testing a Rise course on my iPad Air (iOS 11.3.1) where when I tap on an image to expand and then tap to go back to the course, the screen goes blank (see attached video for reference). This has only started happening as of today. Any reason why this might be occurring? Other co-workers with newer iOS are able to view the images without issue.

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Pamela Coffin

Hi Alyssa,

To answer your questions:

* What iOS are you using on your iPad? 11.3.1
* Are you viewing the course in the Moodle App or in a mobile browser? In the browser
* Does the same problem happen if you view the course Share link from your iPad? No, only on our Moodle platform for testing courses. But I did just notice a new issue using both the Share link and the moodle browser, my long text within a labeled graphic is not scrolling on the iPad either, so you cannot read it all.
* This could be an issue with our platform, but I’m not getting any answers from that side, so I thought I would check with Articulate too!

Thanks for your assistance,

Pamela Coffin

Hi Alyssa,

One more thing I’m experiencing all of a sudden is that changing the orientation of the iPad seems to be causing it to freeze up. You can see in this video that when I change the orientation, the page automatically scrolls back to the top and then it won’t let me scroll down again. If there’s anything that could be causing these things to happen on Moodle, I can try to follow up with our IT team.


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing more details from your testing, Pamela! It sounds like you're seeing several problems when viewing the course from your iPad, so I'd like to enlist the help of our expert Support Engineers.

Would you be willing to share your LMS output file privately with our team for testing? If that works for you, please open a case here and attach the file to that form.