Error when exporting course

I use Rise for several different courses and am running into an issue with one specific course.  Whenever I export this specific course from Rise my LMS system (Comply365) is giving me an error.  I tried exporting to SCORM Cloud and recieved the same error: Course import failed, error was: Error importing course: Error opening the manifest file. Could not load manifest from-/courses/G2AU02I2VG/dangerous-goods-scorm12-211U13g4a6613968-2595-4816-84fc-3dc15318ee6b/0/imsmanifest.xml Possible causes of this problem include a bad file location, insufficient permissions, or an invalid XML document (check for un-encoded special XML characters such as & > <). The specific error message is: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.


I exported other courses and they were all successful.  Setting in Rise are identical.  Any ideas?

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