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Crystal Horn

Hello Alecia! There isn't an essay style question in Rise 360, but you can easily create this interaction in Storyline 360. Choose from a few different essay question types in the quiz slides of Storyline.

If it works, you can bring the Storyline slides into your Rise 360 project, and then you've got the best of both worlds!

Let me know if I can help further.

Crystal Horn

Hi Colleen. That's a good question, but typically, no. Quiz data in Storyline blocks is not shared with the LMS from the Rise 360 course. You'll get a quiz score and completion data from Storyline blocks, but not individual learner responses to the Storyline quiz slides.

I said "typically" because another community member came up with an amazing workaround using Storyline blocks! Check out Sam's idea here, and feel free to ask any questions about that strategy. The attached video in Sam's post really pulled the idea together for me!