ETA on Rise functionality updates

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we've had any major updates to Rise and I was curious if anything new was coming to improve the software. It has amazing potential but I can say the limitations are exhausting from a design/layout perspective. I know many of the feature requests that I've seen on the forums for 2-3 years now have still not be implemented and I'm wondering if there is some kind of poll or "hey this is coming" that we can let our customers know about. Some of the top features we need from my perspective include:

  • High level glossary feature (where users can either click on a link to jump to that page of the glossary or at the very least a single fly out learners can access as they go through the course. 
  • General text control where we can adjust the line and letter spacing, bullets, indents throughout every block to give us more control over the look of the course. While I understand this is a rapid development tool, developers and customers alike need to tinker to make things visually appealing and readable. 
  • Image control with wrapping capabilities so we can tighten up the spacing around text or make it easier to include images on any text block, including blocks with columns.
  • Teams features that make it easier to share Rise courses with an entire team within the cloud. Currently you need to share the course as a collaborator and then change them to managers. Even managers don't have full control over the course to adjust all the settings or invite others.
  • Having some kind of backup system on Rise courses is vital. There isn't a version history for the course, so if you mess something up, that's it... you now have to redo what you did before or create many duplicates of the project to ensure it's backed up (and again to my prior point... you'd have to give others access to these backups in case they need them. It's a slow process to do this.

Like I said before there is a ton of potential for Rise and what you have is great, but as a designer (and to make these courses unique from every other course) I beg for a bit more control over the look and feel than you give us. While I realize many of these decisions are due to the responsive nature of it, I don't think Text/Image control really effects that aspect of the software. 

Thanks in advance for reading, and if you have any info on the next "version release" of Rise that would be awesome!


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