"Exit Course" and "Exit the course (LMS only)" not working in Rise courses

Apr 08, 2020


I have created 3 Rise courses. I selected the "Exit Course" option for them when I exported them.  The button shows in the course like it should but it does not return them to the LMS when taking the course.

I switched off that option and added a button at the end to "Exit the course (LMS only)".  This does not work either.

The only way to get out of the course is to close the window and team member progres is not saved in either version.

Thanks for your ideas in advance!

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Karl Muller

Which browser and LMS are you using?

The Rise Exit Course link works perfectly in our Rise courses.

The LMS we use opens the course in a new window, leaving the LMS open in a background window.

When learners select the Exit Course link, it closes the top window that contains the course, saves their progress data, and displays the bottom window with the LMS.

Based on what you are describing, it seems your LMS is not responding to the Exit Course instruction.

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