Exit Storyline Interaction in Rise?

I have a Storyline quiz embedded in a Rise course. How can I have the user return to the sequence of the Rise course? Right now, it keeps the window open, and the user would have to click on the Rise menu bar to keep going in the course. I tried using the "exit course" trigger and the "complete course" trigger in Storyline. The Storyline quiz just sits on the last slide.

Thank you!

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Holli Prior


I have done as the article suggest, and it works perfectly unless the learner is using a mobile device (smartphone).  On those devices, once the Storyline interaction is complete the user has to click an X on the screen to close the interaction and continue.   I spent hours trying to figure out why my smartphone users couldn't get past that Storyline block in my Rise course.  Turns out the X is not obvious and difficult to see. Short of creating an instruction slide note for mobile users only, is there any way to remove the requirement to close the interaction with the X so my mobile users can proceed? 

Here is a review link to the course.  The Storyline interaction is at the very beginning.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Holli,

We don't have immediate plans to remove or enhance the X button to close Storyline blocks on mobile devices.

While we're still monitoring the impact, the best suggestion is to let learners know how to close that interaction with some on-screen instructions. Hopefully that will help mitigate most of the confusion!