Exit the course (scorm) doesn't work properly with mobile users

I've created bunch of scorm-packages with Rise. To the end of each course I added a Block with a button -> destination: "Exit the course (LMS only)". When my students are using their mobile phones (android & chrome) the scorm launches perfectly (of course to a new browser window). When they reach to the end, they see the button and are able to press it. After this the problem occurs - pressing the button opens a blank page that says "Bye! You may now leave this page".

Since it seems a bit tricky for some of my students to close browser tab/window and clearly see the path back to my course (they don't know what they should do). I thought that the button would close the extra window but it's not working as I presumed.

What's the best way to get them back to the course page in LMS where they could continue studying? Any ideas if some settings in Rise could fix this? Or is it my LMS?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mari, 

Depending on your LMS, when you exit the course using either a button or the Exit Course link, you may see that messaging before closing the window where the Rise course displayed.  Some LMSs will use the "goodbye" messaging, and some will just close the window when you click to exit the course.

If you're looking for it to close the window and only show the LMS window again, I'd reach out to your LMS team to see if there is an option to suppress that Goodbye messaging.