Exporting Rise Course(s) to eBook

Oct 11, 2017

Seeing other software is now incorporating the capability of exporting to eBook (complete with video and animations), am wondering if this is a feature that might be useful to incorporate into Rise.

Also, wondering if Rise has the capability of even downloading/printing to PDF as static media.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mary Beth,

That's a neat idea, and I'm curious to know more. Would you mind telling me a little more about why an eBook function would come in handy for you? What type of scenario would you use it in? 

We've seen lots of requests for a print feature, and we definitely see the value in that. We're considering this option, but it's not something I can share an ETA on at this time. 

Cathy Schmaltz

I think an option to export as an eBook format could be very helpful. I know there have been lots of requests for the ability to add highlights and notes to a Rise course, too. If a Rise course was easily exported as an epub format or similar, then users could open them in iBooks or Kindle and add notes and highlights however they please.

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