Exporting Rise Courses - No LMS

Okay...So I've exported my rise course, we are in transition and don't have an LMS.  So now that I've downloaded the file, how do I make it accessible for my employees to view it.  Now I previously asked and was told to use Google API for reporting purposes.  Is this the same thing??? I just want to know how it make it possible for every employee to view their safety training???

Thanks in advance!

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Jen Chingwe

What we do is we upload a course to an FTP server (as the scorm folder/subfolders, unzipped), then once uploaded you copy the link to the index.html file. Then you can distribute the link and when a user clicks on it, it runs from the server. 

Or, you could just provide the preview link from Rise itself.   

I don't know about Google API though. Google Analytics could tell you how many people viewed the course but not who - but you'd have to set up the analytics code.