Feature Request - Rise 360 - Advanced CSS Option

It would be nice to have more advanced access to the CSS options on Rise pages. I have a background in web development as well as instructional design and I find a lot of elements very frustrating. (Like the small white bar in the Text on Image feature, why can't I remove this?!)

Or enhanced capabilities for image sizing for banners and header images. Sometimes I want to set a custom size for these. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Kate and Maik! Thanks for reaching out. 

Because Rise 360 is intended for rapid course authoring, we've designed a lot of the user interface so you don't have to. It sounds like this doesn't quite match your needs, though.

I can see how you might want to have the ability to customize more elements in your lessons, so I'll pass that feedback along to our product team for you. 😁