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Nov 11, 2016

I am having a play around creating an example for my website and have found some feature requests.

There is a lesson complete screen at the end of the trivia interaction that seems incongruous with the rest of Rise, this would be nice at the end of every section, or have option to add in (I may have missed this option).

The interactions could ideally be blocks as well so I can add them in a blocks section.

Using blocks is great but then using a timeline or process gives me unbalanced sections within the course.

The microinteractions in Rise are amazing and show where things go to and where they have come from brilliantly.

Therein are however a couple of oddities, to get the menu on phone (portrait) in blocks looks like I have to scroll back up, perhaps this should always be there or appear if you stop on a section.

The tabs is limited to 4 tabs in block, can we get more?


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Will Findlay

Thanks Ashley. I've submitted it. I'd simply like to be able to edit a block of text that tells the learner what to do if they fail, and another block of text that tells the learner what to do if they pass. You need to tell learners what to do next at the end of a course. They need reassurance that what they have done has been recorded in the LMS for example and that they can close the course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Awesome - thanks Will. My guess is that if they fail you want them to retry the quiz and if they passed then they get to close out of the course? In the meantime could you look at putting those directions on a final Blocks lesson to instruct the learner to do one of those things (go back a slide and take the quiz again or close out of the course/window to finish)? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

That'd be a cool idea Paris - are you thinking the draggable cards or the drop zones would be images, or both? Would you want image and text? Knowing a bit more about what you're looking to do and the rationale is always helpful for our Product team as they investigate design options or we'll be abler to offer an idea to accomplish similar in the meantime (like the example with Will just earlier today!). 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello All!

Happy to announce that you can now customize the default text labels in Rise. This gives you the ability to make built-in course elements, such as buttons and lesson headers, say what you want them to say.

Brian has started a great discussion here if you'd like to check it out and you can find our support documentation here.

As always, we keep our Rise Version History up to date too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christoph,

Can you share a bit more about what you're looking for in terms of a multi language course? Are you thinking similar to what you've seen in Storyline where you could showcase more than one language using a variable? Having a bit more information and detail will help our Product team as they look to future updates and changes to Rise! 

adam Kirtley

Hi fellow Adam.  Love Rise, just getting to grips with it, but I have to say that for the course I am developing it is still quite limiting.  I want to drag and drop icons and images which I cannot do, and I'd love to be able to put markers on a video which would then pause and allow another activity before resuming.  I really like all Calvin's points above too.  I think I'd like Rise to be a light version of Storyline!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Adam for sharing those ideas and insight here with us. Always helpful to know more about the specifics and details that make your course production easier! You can also always share those thoughts in the form of a feature request here as well.  Its always good to include the why behind those requests and what you're trying to accomplish too so that our team can think through the best way to implement a feature. 

Also, in case you hadn't seen it yet, I find this article tremendously helpful when thinking through which tool to use for which type of course development. 

Alena Ayers

We would second the request that Calvin C asked for - sorting activity - drag and drop items can be an image. We have just created a fire safety course and a first-aid course - it would have been so much more interesting for the learner to have the sorting activity as the images of fire extinguishers to be dropped into the correct answer rather than just a text description. The first-aid course could have had images of a different first aid item on each card which would then have been sorted into "included in first aid box" and "not included in first aid box". Using text is just not so visually appealing. Please can this be looked at as a feature request as the cards appear to be very similar to the flash cards which give you the option of adding an image. Loving Rise - many thanks!

Luke Benfield

Not sure if someone else posted this and I missed it, but I just submitted a feature request to add/save custom colors in the Theme designer just like you can in Storyline.

Definitely not a make or break feature, but it would be convenient, especially if you're always working with the same color palette from a style guide.

Cat Nussey

May I request that we get some sort of organisation via folders in Rise. 

Loving the tool but the list of projects is getting quite long. It would be great if I could create folders per client so that my landing page doesn't look so cluttered. It would also be more convenient to be able to share a folder of projects to my clients rather than sharing each individual course.

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