File Size Limitation on Uploaded Images/Animated GIF's

Is there a known file size limitation on uploaded images and/or animated GIF's in an Image block?

If I upload an animated GIF that is larger than 23MB, the upload fails with the message "Unexpected Token < in JSON at position 0"

If I take that same GIF and publish it at a slightly lower framerate in order to reduce the file size, it uploads without problem. I tried several other files with sizes around 20-23MB and anything under 23MB uploads without issue.

We have tried this from multiple computers and multiple browsers with the file living both on a network drive and locally. Results are consistent across all tests.

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matt thorne

I've attached both. The file with -20 at the end is the one that worked. They are identical except for the frame rate. Lowering the frame rate was how i lowered the file size. I have uploaded several other animated gif's with a 30fps rate, so it shoudn't be that.

Both were produced from a screen recording made with Camtasia 2018.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Matt.

I was able to reproduce the error with the first file you shared.

I'm sharing your files and details with my team in the issue previously reported so that we can take a closer look.

I'm attaching the conversation as well so that we can update you when we can.

I'm glad that you can adjust the frame rate to a usable file in the meantime.