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Hi There

I'm new to using rise. Is it possible to use the fill in the blank knowledge check question as more of a reflection activity for the learner where there is no right or wrong answer? Is there a way to change the settings so that the learner cannot get it wrong as it's their own reflection? Or is there another tool I could use for this purpose?





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Christine Hounsham

Hi Jess, I just logged-on the search for this exact same query. 

Let's hope someone has a suggestion - I'm thinking possibly removing this incorrect/correct word/symbol using the navigator panel, or as a fall back mirroring the look and feel of the Fill in the Blank template in a SL slide and embedding it that way.  

Will let you know if I find anything. 

Cheers Christine

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jess and Christine,

You'll find a similar question from Kelsi here, and my colleague Crystal shared some great ideas on how to create a similar interaction to provide opportunities for reflection without establishing a right or a wrong approach.

I know a few other folks have asked for a survey style question, where learners could enter in a bit of free-form text that isn't graded. If that's also something you'd like to see I can add this discussion to that request we're tracking! 

Jessica Skinns

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look at the ideas from your colleague. 

A survey style question is definitely something I'd like to see. Particularly if the free-form text is saved somehow, not for grading but so the learner can come back and reflect on their answer / edit and add to it.

Is there a way of being notified if this survey style question becomes available?



Christine Hounsham

Hi Jess and Ashley, 

Sorry it's taken me a few days to come back on this one. 

I was able to delete the X/Words with the Inspector but couldn't get it to save this.  After going down the rabbit hole of trying to work out Chrome DevTool Preferences, I decided to try option 2 - of building and embedding a look-alike question using SL.  

Good news it worked a treat.  I have just finished building and inserting it into my Rise course and it looks really seemless. 

Jess - I have attached the SL file below for you.  Feel free to amend and use as you wish. 

Ashley - I am happy to share this with the broader community beyond just this post.  Can you please share as you see fit. 

FYI a bit of information about this.  My quiz is a self-reflection style short Q&A, but it also does have some very simple branched responses depending if they include a keyword/approved response.  To activate the Submit button you need to type any letter key.  

Hope you like it.  Cheers Christine

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrew!

The fill-in-the-blank question type is great for questions that have a single-word or a short phrase correct answer. 

If you're looking for an open-ended, free-text question type, I suggest embedding a survey from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!
<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

Mark Banit

In case this helps anyone in the future, I was able to add a few lines of CSS into the index.html file that hid the Correct/Incorrect wording and icon and also increased the size of the "acceptable answers" (and changed the colour to improve the contrast as well), to make the Fill in the Blank work well as a reflective question.

The big caveat is that doing this will remove the correct/incorrect icon and wording for ALL knowledge checks, not just the Fill in the Blank. For my specific project this thankfully wasn't an issue, as the course didn't have any other knowledge checks in it... but just keep that in mind if you have a mix of knowledge check questions. Unfortunately since the incorrect/correct info is the same code regardless of the knowledge check question type, I wasn't able to easily find a way to have it target only FIB questions.

Below are the two lines you can add between the <style></style> tags in the published index.html file. Note that every time you publish the course you will need to edit this, as it will rewrite that file.

.quiz-card__feedback--active {display:none !important;}
.quiz-fill__options {color:#045D86 !important; font-size:2rem !important;}

You can adjust the color and font-size values as desired.

Just a reminder too that you can change the "Acceptable responses:" text to be anything you want (i.e. "Suggested response:") in the course settings under Labels.

Mark Banit

Quick addition to my code above, I had missed the icon at the end of the input field that shows an x or checkmark based on whether correct. To hide it, include this with the other lines of CSS:

.block-knowledge .quiz-card .quiz-fill__icon {display:none !important;}

And if you want to hide the 'Take Again' button:

.block-knowledge__retake-content {display:none !important;}
.block-knowledge__retake-container--active {max-height:0 !important;}

Mark Herrell

Oh my goodness... how great would it be to have a free response box without having to do a workaround?!?! I am very inexperienced with coding, but getting much more proficient with Rise functionality. This seemingly simple and very useful function would be a great addition to a great overall Rise product. It really would add to the engagement of the participant/student. 

Please post any further information regarding a free response box requiring minimal coding knowledge. 

I am trying to avoid using a Google Form or Survey Monkey that takes the user out of the program. And, I am working on a Mac, therefore have not worked with Storyline as of yet. 

Thank you for any support. 

RE: 6th Grade English Language Arts Lesson

I am "rapid developing" e-learning activities to meet the changing needs of in-person/remote learning of the classrooms. Currently, my school will be operating the first two weeks on an alternating basis. I am planning this RLO to be used within a semi-flipped classroom situation. It is not connected to an LMS other than the Google Quiz at the end is connected to Google Classroom. 

Rodrigo Filipe

Hi folks,

I have a similar need to include a reflective question into a Rise project. I've used so far a SL slide with an open question which feels like killing a fly with a cannon and does not look so nice in mobile platforms because it's not as responsive as Rise native content. I would like to add my voice to the crowd requesting this feature. If it's a popular request and seems to be a simple feature, why is it taking Articulate more than 2 years to get a solution?

Come on guys, our institutions are paying good money for these subscriptions....

Mark Herrell

In order to create a free-response function in Rise: I am currently using Multimedia > embed > Google Form Long Paragraph.

This provides students with the opportunity to write freely while also adding accountability as it is recorded for my review.

While a bit clunky, it is better than nothing at the moment. And, it does not take the students out of the Rise program (you need to uncheck the metadata button; unless you do not mind them pulling up the Google Form in another screen; which is not a big deal except that it can be "disorienting" for novice users to then get back to the Rise RLO).

Here is an example of a free-response that I am trying:

See the initial category of "Quick Write." I left in the Rise free-response function for illustration's sake.