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Jul 15, 2019

I have the final exam before two menu items in my Rise course.

The learner needs to pass the final exam before they can move onto the Summary (where they receive their certificate) and the Resource section.

When the final exam is complete, how can you add a continue bar or some other sort of navigation for the learner to continue? Right now, the learner gets stuck on the Quiz Results slide with zero navigation. The only way to move "forward" is to click on the menu to the left. I guarantee many learners won't know to do this and I am afraid they won't finish and get to the other two sections. HELP!



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Meghan. It looks like you have the previous and next buttons turned off in the Settings Navigation menu, and the sidebar is enabled but closed. With these settings, using the sidebar is the only way your learners will be able to progress from the quiz.

You have two other choices to get navigation to appear on the quiz results page:

  • Disable the sidebar. With the previous/next buttons and the sidebar disabled, the quiz results will display an option to continue to the next lesson. Other lessons in your course will need a button block or a continue button to move on to the next lesson.
  • Enable the previous and next buttons. They will show at the top and bottom of every lesson, including quizzes.

I hope that helps!

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