Final Exam vs. Quiz

Apr 17, 2020

Is a Final Exam simply a quiz with the title of Final Exam?  I use quizzes throughout the course but I want the final exam to be more than a quiz if that makes sense.  It is the final knowledge check that must be passed in order to receive a certification.  Is there a way to make the start button say something other than "Start quiz" at least?

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Karl Muller

Each organization has their own terminology, so whether you call it an Exam, Test, or Quiz, they are all built using a Rise "Quiz".

If you are using a Quiz for certification, you can use your Final Exam for this purpose as Rise allows you to use a single quiz to determine completion.

Yes, you can edit the course Label Set to change the Start button to whatever you want. However, the change you make will apply to all of your Rise Quizzes, and not just the one you are using as the Final Exam.

Karl Muller

As you have complete control over naming, for Modules (or whatever you call that item) you can use something like "Module A Quiz", and then have a single "Final Exam" at the very end. You can also use custom wording on the start page for the Final Exam that is different to the start page for a Quiz.

In the label set you can change the label to just "Start" so that it works for both the quizzes and the Final Exam.

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