Find and replace in Rise?

Nov 08, 2017

Hi team

Loving Rise and the enhancements that keep coming through.

One that would be extremely useful is find and replace. I can find on the page I'm on using Ctrl+F but to be able to make blanket changes across the course would be fantastic!  



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Jane Brooks

+1 for me!

The big payoff of this feature for us is in the maintenance of large curriculums. If my company changes terminology on a piece of tech or a customer program, which happens often, it's far less of an investment in ID time for my team if we're not visually searching all our courseware paragraph by paragraph. If we simply have to open the course and find/replace, we've saved HOURS. 

We are, in fact, in that place right now, with a 21-course, 20-hour curriculum where the name of one of our internal programs has changed. We'll spend up to 20 hours on making these changes, whereas with Find/Replace it would take maybe an hour. 

Thank you!


Tracy Parish

I haven't read all the posts here, but the only work around I've currently found is to export the course to PDF and use the PDF reader find/replace to narrow down where to make changes.  But, yes they are painful to do.  My example was just that the group decided to change the terminology they were using so instead of calling something "X" throughout the course, when I delivered it to them they now wanted to call it "Y". 

Bill McKee

Tracy - check out my previous post (w/ attached video) on Page 5 using a translation tool called Smartcat. It is a workaround but allows you to import the 'translated' (find and replace) file back into Rise. Smartcat has changed slightly since my creation of the video so you'll want to "Keep the old flow" when prompted when creating a new project. Hope it helps. Alas, all these workarounds could be avoided by simply adding a feature that users have been asking for, for years. What's up Articulate, where is this feature on your roadmap? Inquiry minds want to know.

Chris Rosso

Sadly, neither is a "solution." You can, in fact, just open two windows, put the thing in preview and search. The translation method is fairly simple and does get the job done. That said, it really needs to be in the tool. I czn't imagine there are a lot of requests folks have that outweigh what expect to be "basic functionality" of an ID tool.


Mata Henry

Hi all

Not sure if I'm repeating anything that others have already posted, but the best workaround I've found is to use the course's share link (the url that starts with 

In settings, ensure:

  • Navigation Mode is set to Free, not restricted
  • Sidebar is set to Open
  • Access the share link
  • Click the START COURSE button
  • In the top left hand corner, you'll see a magnifying glass - click this and do a search - results will show up as per the video screengrab attached.


Jane Brooks

My guess is that Find/Replace in Rise is just fundamentally different from the same in Storyline. In a browser-based app the way search works is just... different in the kinds/range of objects being searched and in how that text is organized behind the scenes. So I can be patient that this is taking a while. All I want to know is that they hear us regarding how important this is for course quality and course maintenance.


Matt Gastineau

+1 for me!

Working in the airline industry there are constant changes to our curriculum by the FAA and other organizations and it can be difficult to manage. A lot of terminology or even sections are repeated or referenced in multiple lessons and courses so this feature would be a lifesaver! Currently, we use Ctrl+F but that is quite tedious as well.

Sam O'Hanlon

I also wish this feature was a thing. But here's what I've been doing in case it can help anyone.

I have some gigantic courses, so finding something that needs to be changed throughout is quite a pain. A couple weeks ago, I realized that I could export the course as a PDF and CTRL+F to find all of the instances of something. I then at least know which lessons I need to go to. I also use the PDF for marking what I have changed already, in case I need to take a break.