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Jan 31, 2018

Hello E-Learning Heroes Community!

I am trying to solve for an exit error users are getting when they complete an Articulate Rise module I created. I exported to SCORM 1.2 and uploaded the zip file to ShareKnowledge LMS. The participants in the user testing have been directed to exit the course using either the Save and Exit or Finish and Grade icons a the top right.

Participants receive an error and when they refresh the browser (I.E and Chrome) they are redirected to the beginning of the module.

When they complete the module the second time the Finish and Grade function works and they get credit in the LMS. This feedback has been very consistent.

Has anyone else experienced this type of error? Any ideas on how to solve this?

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David Kolmer

Hey John,

We had sent all of our modules in zip files over to ShareKnowledge LMS and they could not replicate the error on their end. They speculated that this was a local network lag that was causing the error in a status transfer.

The solution that we went with was to export the modules from Storyline with a completion mark set at the 70% completion. (I believe it defaults to show completed when 100% of the module has been viewed.) This worked because our modules were self-guided and we were not using them for testing purposes (and do not really even track completion.)

So, essentially we have the last 30% of the module set as a time span that the module to communicate to the LMS that the module has been completed. This transfer seemed to free something up somewhere and we stopped getting that error.

Overall this solution has worked. If a participant exits the course half way then it sometimes fails to track completion or where they were in the course. However, our courses are designed to be viewed in their entirety. Therefore a 70% completion was a nice compromise. 

I hope this helps.


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