Fix embed height

Hi, is there a way for me to force embed's height to an absolute value?

I need to embed a page with control elements at the bottom and what tends to happen is that if user's browser width is small enough, the height of the embed (which seems to be dead set on maintaining embed's aspect ratio at any cost) will get small enough to cover the control elements.

Here's an example where I tried to reproduce it (I'm using "Embed Width: Full Width" in the Rise Embed settings):

<iframe frameborder="0" min-height="200" max-height="200" height="200" width="1200" src="//"></iframe>

I'd like the embed's height to be 200px exactly, regardless of how wide the whole page is.

The above embed however results in either this when the browser window is too wide:

wide browser window

Or this when it's too narrow:

narrow browser window

Is there any way to force the embed's height?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jan. We don't make use of the height and width parameters in your iframe embed codes. We do this to make sure your content doesn't overflow its container in the lesson.

Since some of that web content is getting cut off, could we have a closer look? It would be helpful for us to either test the embed code or have a closer look at your course. You can privately send details here, and we'll delete all files when we're done troubleshooting.