Flashcard error in Edge

Mar 26, 2018


We've got a course which contains the 'Flashcard grid'. It all works perfectly in Chrome (and subsequently in IE), but in MS Edge, the initial flip works correctly, but if the user flips the card back, it displays flipped text on top of the image.

The flashcards are set up with an image on the first side (the side which is initially visible) - then the second side contains text.

As I say - the initial load is all fine with all of the cards shown with the images (brand logos) showing. When the user clicks to flip the card over - the text is shown correctly, and the image (logo) is not shown. However if the user then flips the card back over (to the image side up) - the image is shown, but the reversed text is also shown. Flipping back over returns to correct text again, but flipping back to the image side continuously shows the reversed text as well as the image.

I've attached an image of how one of the cards looks when flipped back to the original side.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Nick! 

Thanks for those details. I tried recreated the problem you described, but I still need your help. Here's a screen recording of my testing in Edge. 

I'd like to get your help on two things:

  1. Test this sample Rise course in Edge and let me know if you see the same problem happening there. 
  2. Send me your Rise course "Share" URL link. If you would rather keep it private, you can send it to me here. 

I'll be standing by!

Scott Readett

Hi Nick, 

It seems that we are having a similar issue, though mine is via IE11. I am interested to see if any potential solutions here will be workable in the issue with IE11.   For interest sake, here is the link to the discussion I started today: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise/flip-card-text-in-ie11-not-displaying-correctly 

Alyssa, thank you for jumping in. I am wondering if the issue is more pronounced when there is more text then a single basic line? This would account for it working upon your testing and not in Nick's case. Not sure, just thinking outloud. 

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