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Arek Luczyk

Thanks Michael, it's a workaround I guess. The problem is, if it's text, you can scroll it down to read the whole message, but what will you do with an image? Use a smaller font I suppose but that's up to a point where it will affect readability. And if you want to edit it later, you will have to re-create the image. Why can't this font be customizable like the others?

Patty Peterson

Hi All, 

I am using images on 8 flashcards to review 8 different elements.  I would like to combine text with the image on the front of the flashcard so that someone who is not necessarily intuitive to my choice of pictures will be able to see what the flashcard will discuss on the back.  
So for example, I have a picture of a stake in the ground that says "Please Stay on the Path" I would like to add the word "Accountability" on or under the image of the flashcard.  Is there a way to do this? 

Roberta Dessalvi

What a joy... I started using Rise 360 regularly less than two months ago, and this is already my third post to request a basic feature. I can't believe this was raised three years ago and still no solution provided. Flashcards changes the font based on the amount of text contained in each card, so if one card contains longer text than the others, the font shrinks and there is no way I can amend that for the font to be the same across all cards.