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Jul 28, 2020

I like the flashcard grid. I have the following situation. I have 3 flashcards, all images. When turning they show another image...

Now i want to show some text below the flashcard showing when the user clicked a card.

As i do want most of it to being easy editable by SME's i donot want to use Storyline to create all of it. I know i could, but i dont want too, because i want the SME's being able to reuse it easily in Rise.

One option ( not available alas ) would be to specify the size of each card more precise. Then i could create a smaller front card and a longer back card with the text and onclick the card with image and text would show.

Other option ( neither available alas ) would be use texts and images on the content of a card... ( Full Card image, Centered Image and Text are a bit limited... adding a category like Image and Text inthere would be great )

So anyone can think of a way to get this done in Rise, without using Storyline ?

Kind regards,

PS. gonna make a Storyline solution for this for now...hoping however on a Rise option...


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Math. Thanks for describing your use case! I'm going to tag this discussion for an update if we make a change to how flashcards show once they've been visited.

In the meantime, I've seen folks take their original image and add open space with text, or a text overlay, in an image editing tool, and then save it as a new image to use on the flashcard. That way, you'll get the text + image effect and still have an easy to edit block in Rise for your SMEs.

Math Notermans

Thx Crystal. Did that before too, but that doesnot work when you want to deviate from the fixed size of the flashcard grid. Especially when you want images and layout to be specific, that aint working...furthermore the square tiles of the grid prevent a layout where you want text below the images... as seen in my storyline sample i made for that here...


Math Notermans

As this Storyline block works perfect for me ( and i can imagine more like this that might be great ) Eg. repositioning the transforming origin point to the left, makes it look like a book turning open...

2 drawbacks keeping me from using it like this more and more often are:

- Behaviour of Storyline blocks on mobile. Shouldnot be treated as video, with a play button. Let the developer of the block decide how and what. Behaviour on desktop is fine... thats what i need on mobile too.

- Give the Rise360 ID or SME, the option to easily change text and images of a SL block. Then SL blocks are a killer !!!! I can get that done already by using Webojects for images and linking them to a  external image, same with texts...but as it is now, its too much trouble for me to setup and create...thus not doing it like that..

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