Flashcard stack problems in mobile version

Hi, everyone!

I have encounter a problem recently regarding the "Flashcard Stack" block in the mobile version. In the preview format, when I try to test the course in the mobile version, the Flashcard Stack doesnĀ“t seem to work properly, as I show you in the screen capture below. The first flashcard is shown correctly, but when I click on the arrow button to go to the next one, the second flashcard (and the others that follow) does not put itself in the middle of the screen, making it difficult to read or interact with.

Do you have experience the same? 

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Facundo. The mobile preview is working as expected for me. Here's what I'd check first:

  • Are you using a supported browser to create your course? Have you tried refreshing, or logging out and back into https://rise.articulate.com/?
  • Is this happening with a new flashcard stack?
  • Is this happening in a new course?

If it seems like it's specific to a course, let us know the Share link here, and we'll take a closer look!