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Hello Again E-Learning Hero's,

I've just learned from Articulate that I could run Rise on my Mac without any support platform and am eligible for an academic discount.  This seems so much easier.  However, I'm not so sure this would be marketable, and if most institutions are still using various versions of Storyline to do rapid development types of things for training, etc...      I'd be curious to hear the expert input from folks.

Thanks for your time and expertise in responding.

Brenda A.

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Brenda Armstrong

Hey Mattthew...  yes, I can see where Storyline deliverables are more marketable, and that Rise is more of a niche...  and though it's great, I don't think it's as mainstream as Storyline.  Thanks for helping facilitate my decision-making with your replies!  I posted on the FB page for Id's in higher ed and between the two, it's helping with the decision making!  Thanks again!

Matthew Bibby

I'm not sure that Storyline deliverables are necessarily more marketable, but sometimes it's the only Articulate tool that is capable of highly customised and complex content.

Rise has a lot going for it, especially as the output is truly responsive. It's also a lot quicker to develop in than Storyline, which is a big plus.

Do you know what kind of training you'll be developing? What kind of clients you'll be working with? I recommend spending some time understand the capabilities of both programs so you'll be in a position to pick the right tool for the job. 

Brenda Armstrong

My reasoning was that I'm now on my 2nd ID position -both didn't require rapid development.  But to be competitive, it seems this competency is the next progression in terms of skill development.  Because I already own the SL license, I just thought it would make sense to work at skill development.  I'm uncertain at this time where I'll end up next...where I was 1st employed as an ID, they were just starting to switch over to Rise so I did see how slick it is.  I just rarely see positions listing this competency.  Mostly, they either list Captivate or SL.  And from what I understand, Rise is a cinch to learn.  And with a price point of $499, it seems that the effort expended and the cost differential leads me to believe that SL skill development would deliver more return on investment of my time and effort.  I also already have training manuals and access to is now using a different name.  So access to training is also readily available....   have one rapid development competency in my back pocket seems like it will round out my skills a bit.