Font issues in Rise for local characters


we have experienced issues with fonts in Rise. When we use our local characters, like č, š, ť etc. they appear in different font. Although Arial and Roboto are fonts we use regularly and they contain these characters.

The issue appears in editing and preview mode (I have seen that the issue with fonts might occur with some server settings - but this is on your server ;)) and also when I publish and view the course localy.

Do you have some suggestions how to resolve this?

Thank you

P.S. I attach screenshot as well as the link to the sample course:

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Elena,

Thanks for your question! It looks like you're using Roboto in the sample you shared, is that right?

The built-in Rise fonts (like Roboto) do not include local characters like the ones you shared – so when one of those characters is encountered, Rise uses the system font.

However, not to worry! A fast and simple workaround for this would be to find a font that supports those local characters and upload it as a custom font. Have you tried uploading Arial to see if that makes a difference?

I've also seen folks work around this by downloading the web version of Roboto, which includes the special characters. Then, export the course to LMS, and manually replace the original Roboto font with the downloaded Roboto font.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any more questions!

Elena Urbanova

Hello Alyssa,
I am sorry for the long response time - I only got the chance to play with this now. Thank you, though, for your suggestion. It worked - I did not realize that the Roboto font would be there without some characters.
It works now except in the navigation bar and buttons and basically all built in elements with labels, there seems to be the same font all the time. And I did not find where to change it.
Do you know by any chance how to resolve this?
Thank you again
P.S. I attach the picture again.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Elena,

Great news! 

An issue was identified with accented characters (also known as diacritics). The built-in Rise fonts don’t include non-Latin characters, so accented characters might not look the way you’d expect.

Similar to the solution that Alyssa shared above, you can download the full font set from the web, then upload it to Rise to get those characters to display as expected.

Check out our documentation here.

Hope this helps :)

Elena Urbanova

Hi Leslie,

this will certainly make it easier in the future. Though there is one thing in this tutorial: It says that you should set the conversion type in the Font Squirrel to Optimal, but that did not work for me. Optimal actually cuts it to the Latin characters. What worked for me, was the Basic Option although you might get more characters that you need, but at least you will get all of those that you need.

Plus as I mentioned before, this works well for the content text, but not for the menu, buttons and other built in elements. But I have submitted a feature request for this as Alyssa recommended.

Anyway, thank you for the tutorial/documentation.