Force Rise Courses to Start from Beginning

Hello Articulate community -

Is there a way to force Rise courses to always start from the beginning when they're launched from an LMS?  Our courses currently save user progress (bookmark), so when they're launched multiple times they always start from the latest point of progression.  Because of the nature of our content, we don't want this to happen.

Our LMS is eLogic.  We'd been investigating a solution on their end, but they've determined that the fix will need to be made in our authoring tool, Rise.  Is it possible to disable bookmarking in Rise?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated from the community!

Thank you!

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Hello Leigha,

Scorm itself defines the interaction between the LMS and Scorm content in this page;


Their statement is like this;


cmi.location is the data element that describes the user’s location in the content

When the content begins (after it has called Initialize();), it may want to make this call to find out where the user left off and return him to that point:

strLastLocation = objAPI.GetValue("cmi.location");
When the content goes to another area, it might make these calls to save the user’s location:

blnSuccess = objAPI.SetValue("cmi.lesson_location", "page3");
blnSuccess = objAPI.Commit("");


So, to block this interaction; either you can manipulate your LMS to NOT GetValue, or you should block your Scorm content from sending the location value. I believe you can alter the location information of the scorm content from LMSAPI.js file, BUT, both of these choices can result with various errors.


I can suggest you to make some tryouts on these scenarios.

If anything works, I'll be more than happy to see the working method and the results.

Good Luck! :)