Forcing Course Completion (SCORM) in Blackboard

My Rise course is not registering as complete in the grade center in Blackboard after users finish the course, and therefore, the Final Exam (an adaptive release) is not displaying for students to take and receive a grade.

When I check "Needs Grading", the course knowledge checks (quizzes) within the course (which I set with a passing score of zero) are showing up to be graded. Rise is not sending a completion for the course when the student finished all of the modules.

How do I designate the course as complete after the student finishes it so Blackboard can display the final exam in the adaptive release.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

What did you set as the Tracking item in Rise: 

It sounds like tracking using Course Completion would be the best option for you, since you're not using a scored quiz. If you've set it up as such, and it's still not working, I'd also suggest testing it out in another environment such as SCORM Cloud. 

Michael Law

Perhaps the final exam is not being displayed because Rise is reporting pass/fail status.  I have a similar issue where Rise is reporting passed/failed even though I selected the first option, "track using course completion"

I am researching how to change this inside the zip file because Rise does not allow for that designation.  In Storyline 2, 3 and 360, this was overcome by editing the SCORM and SCORM2004 files.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

In Rise, you won't be able to choose the statuses we'll send if your tracking by course completion, but here's what I saw when testing a course I exported and uploaded to SCORM cloud

The top is my first attempt where I didn't complete the course, and the second is when I navigated through to the end. If you're looking to change it from Complete/Incomplete as the options, I'd reach out to your LMS admin to see if there are other statuses you can choose inside the LMS.