Functionality in RISE Course

Hi everyone, 

Background: We have a RISE course that is set to give completion on the final quiz. The users have unlimited tries to pass. Let's say after the first go of the quiz, the user gets below 80% which would constitute a failure.

At this point, the LMS admin asked: 

We did notice that the user can continue to retake the training without closing their browser. Can that be updated so they’re prompted to complete the course and reopen if failed?

Are there any settings or a way to create a function that will force the user when closing the browser to start the quiz from the beginning that you know of? What are missing?

Thanks for the input in advance!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Learning Central Support! Thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like you want to force learners to start over and view all lessons again if they fail the quiz, is that right?

Currently, Rise 360 will take the learner back to the first quiz question, but they aren't required to view all lessons again. 

Thanks for letting us know what you need, and I'll be sure our team hears about your feature request!