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Michael Bauer

My query is kindof similar ... I have turned off Lesson numbers. Easy. Simple. And it doesn't appear anywhere. Perfect.

Or so I thought ...

At the end of the process, after clicking through each section I see "Lesson 5 Complete", yet not lessons or lesson numbers have been mentioned in my course before this point.


How do I get rid of this line of text? I went in to Settings to edit the labels and I can remove "Lesson" and "Complete" so now it is even worse ... 


Any way around this?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

Our team is working on creating this Process interaction as a block type (similar to what you see for Sorting and Labeled graphic today) and when that launches you'll no longer see the "Lesson # Complete" language but a summary page option instead. It sounds like that may fit your needs - so I'll let you know here once that block type is ready! 

Becki Nelson

This does not address the lesson numbers in Before and next buttons at the beginning and end of Rise Lessons.

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Leslie McKerchie

Sorry for any confusion Becki :)

The process interaction was a feature we thought would be helpful for Michael's inquiry above.

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LaVon Bowman

I am developing a course using Rise. It has screen captures of step by step processes. The marker icons are great but I need to be able to control if they popup to the right or the left of the marker. Not having control of this has made this build more difficult than it should be. Also, user input asks if the radiating circles around the marker can be turned off. The size of the popup is one size and even with a four-word sentence, the popup covers a large part of the screen we are teaching about.

I hope they build some controls around this great feature.