Gaps at edges of integrated Storyline slides in RISE

I'm developing my first course using RISE. Some of the more sophisticated concepts & interactions require integration of Storyline blocks.  PROBLEM: my SL blocks come in with a distracting, prominent white "gutter" along the left and right sides of the slides, on a gray "field". (see below)

Storyline Slide Block Gaps EXAMPLE

I've attached the SL360 slide from which this Storyline block is derived. 

Can some wonderful helper please tell me what I need to do differently to eliminate these "gutter gaps"?  Thanks! 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Brad,

When Rise imports a Storyline block it sets the default background to grey. As your Storyline block was created with a light Player background, it will have a white border (the gap as you describe it). All you need to do to solve the problem (and get your Storyline block to blend in perfectly with the one above it), is to Edit the Storyline block Settings and change the background to white.

This is done by selecting the default background (chequerboard pattern next to word Hex) and dragging the circle in the bottom left of the colour block up to the top left corner. You will see the hex code changing as you do this and when it shows ffffff, you are done.