Gating Knowledge Check - Stuck at Quiz Results

Hi all,

I have a course with restricted navigation and without Next/Previous options as well.  When I added a Knowledge Check, the learner can complete it successfully and there is no mechanism for advancing to the next page/section.  Has anyone experienced this and come up with a solutions?  



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Law Blank

HI Alyssa,

I am using a Quiz Lesson with Menu/TOC hidden, and Next/Previous buttons turned off.  Basically, at the end of the Quiz Lesson, I have no control over where the learner method to add a button to advance them where I would like.  This is to satisfy a Role branching need and I am stuck at this point.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Law,

Thanks for that context! It sounds like you turned off the course sidebar and removed the Previous/Next buttons in your course.

I can see how this does create a roadblock for learners, as there's no way for them to move forward after the quiz. Let me get this in front of my team to see how we can help. Thanks for the head's up on this!