Get the quizz feedback in a summary at the end rather than just after the question


Our courses are used in small class settings, and it's frustrating for both the educator and the learner not to have any comprehensive feedback at the end of a quiz. The learner doesn't see where he didn't get it right, and the educator can neither help them practice what they've missed nor review the whole class strengths and weaknesses.

Is it possible to have a full results page at the end rather than question-by-question ? I can't seem to find something like this in the settings.

Giving feedback at the end of the quiz would also make it more accurate, since the learner might get a moral boost or setback from a question that helps him for the next.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Alix,

I like your idea, and I think a quiz results summary page is something that quite a few folks would be interested in. I know our team is always keen to hear about how we can improve our tools to be more useful for you, so I can certainly pass along your suggestion. 

Our product team does love hearing new ideas, so  keep them coming!