Getting a Rise Course onto an Intranet Site



I think I need someone to ELI5 for me how to do the web export for a Rise course. What I want to do is make a link that learners can return to at any point to watch the course. The content is more similar to a job aid, so I don't need data on who takes it and how often, so I really want to avoid putting it into our LMS since it's a pain to access for users. I've gotten as far as downloading the zip file and saving it to my machine, but I can't upload the entire zip to the desired web page. The instructions I'm finding for how to attach a rise course say to extract the content, but when I do that it only lets me re-save it somewhere on my computer. How do I actually get the content online? I feel like I'm missing a step. 

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Karl Muller

Export your course as Web.

Unzip the file to your hard drive.

Open the Content folder.

Copy everything in the Content  folder to the folder on your company intranet where the course will reside.

Learners need to go to that folder and use index.html to launch the course.

Or you could provide a shortcut to launch the course.