Guidance on using Rise for LEARNERS


My manager has asked me to add a paragraph on a course that I am building so that our learners, who are technophobes, would know how to access the course. Are there any instruction sets for learners in Rise? Anything that would tell them how to navigate the package, what to click in the left panel etc? Has anyone written this before or is this something that Articulate can provide?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Angel!

We currently only offer a Getting Started with Rise video tutorial and a complete Rise User Guide for course creators, but not learners. Additionally, when new Rise features are released – our CEO, Adam Schwartz, walks through all the details in helpful videos. All archived here.

We developed Rise to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, but I can appreciate this scenario. I may suggest checking out a similar discussion in the community here to check out what other users have set up. Creating a Peek – an easy way to capture brief screencasts on a Mac/Windows PC – is a great suggestion, in which you can easily showcase how to navigate your unique Rise course.

I hope this helps, and feel free to reach back out here if you have any other questions!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janel! This discussion includes some content to show learners how to take a Rise 360 course. It looks like Stan's example was removed, but you can always reach out to him from his profile to see if he still has it.

Have you received any feedback from learners about confusion or difficulty? 

Karl Muller

We created a small Rise course for first time users that takes about 5 minutes to complete.

As Rise has several settings and options that affects overall navigation, a corporate color scheme and theme, as well as customized label sets, standardized course structure, company terminology, etc. what we have will most likely not be usable/suitable for other organizations.

It's an optional course and only about 10% of our learners choose to take it.