Handling translations in Rise

Hello everyone,

I have a course I created in Rise that needs to be translated into 12 languages (in addition to English) and onto the LMS for annual ethics training. What is the best way to handle translations using Rise? The only information I found either said people could copy/paste the content into Google translate as they went along (what? that isn't an option) or I would have to create 12 duplicates of my English course and enter the translated text into the appropriate spots, export SCORM packages for each one, and set them up on the LMS as individual courses.

Is this correct? Are there any other options? I'm not a developer, so I don't have deep knowledge on authoring tools. Is it possible to use branching in Rise and to branch to the different languages within the same module?

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Lauren Graves

Hey Andrea,

You'll basically need to duplicate your course, then export it as a XLIFF file. Once you've made the translations in that file, you'll import it back in again. Then you'll just do the same thing for each language you want a translated version for.

This article goes through it in more detail.