HANGING UPLOAD :: Bulk Upload to Gallery Carousel Block

I have a 100 slide PPT Presentation that I am chunking  and loading into 9 image galleries in a Rise Course.  I when I select 17 files for upload, 10 upload perfectly while 7 of them are stuck on the gray "Uploading" bar and it will not complete.  The pattern for failure is random (it isn't as if the first ones work and last fail) I don't have option to delete the stuck slides from Gallery.  

My only work around is to delete this gallery and load each image 1 by 1.

Is this common behavior for uploading multiple files to the image galleries in Rise?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joel,

Thanks for reaching out. 

I tried to replicate this, but each time my first upload happened before I could start another one. 🙃 But I'm going to start a case for you so that we can take a look at your exact course and see what's causing the hang up.

Keep an eye out for an email from Support@articulate.com!