Having Trouble Exporting to "LMS"

Hi all,

I have developed a course that I am trying to export to IntelligenceBank, who we use for our DMS currently. I'm not incredibly techie so I asked IB about their compatibility and they assured me they do support SCORM, tincan, etc. We have a lot of other assets located here so I'm trying everything I can to have these assets available in one spot.

I followed the instructions found in this article, but after I upload the .zip file it merely views as an uploaded .zip file. I'm not sure what else to do from here. 

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Karl Muller

Just uploading the ZIP file to your LMS will not work.

I'm not familiar with IntelligenceBank, but each LMS has their own unique process to create an online course, and you need to learn how to do this.

Part of the process for creating a new online course, would be to upload the SCORM ZIP and attach it to the course. This step normally extracts the SCORM ZIP file automatically.

Our LMS gives us the choice to automatically create a new course from a SCORM ZIP, or if the course already exists, to update the course contents.

So check with the IntelligenceBank vendor and find out how to create a new online course from a SCORM ZIP file.