Help! Adding small icons in Rise?

Hi all, really hope someone can help me with this...

For several months now I've been working on a suite of online modules (built in Rise with embedded Storyline) about mental health for a client. At the start of the project I sent them some design ideas which they approved - this included small icons to add visual interest, highlight key themes etc. I added these simply by making them the desired size in a Word doc and then copying and pasting them across. They were displaying fine when I previewed the modules.

Now - just a couple of weeks away from the final deadline and planned launch of these modules - I've discovered that the icons look fine in Edit mode, but appear huge in Preview mode. I've included some screenshots which show the Edit (small icons) vs Preview (large icons) views. I guess some sort of update to Rise has changed the way that images display...? I can't use the Image option as 25% size is still too big for what I want and the icon ends up looking too distant from the associated text, if that makes sense.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Leah!

It sounds like you copied these icons from Microsoft Word and pasted them into a text block in your course. We're considering ways we can make it easier to add images to text blocks, but right now images inside text blocks aren't supported. 

Could you use an Image and Text block instead? Another idea is to type the text using the same font in Word, take a screenshot of the text with the icon, and upload the screenshot as an image in an Image block.

Let me know if one of those options would work for you!

Pawan Kaur

I too would like to include icons in my Rise course. Hope we get a solution soon! Emoji's won't help as we need more corporate type icons/ images.
 For example a loud speaker icon to highlight something important and the color of the image should also match with the theme. If you guys provide this, that would be great! :)

Chino Navarro

Hi Veronica, have you tried using the image crop feature in Rise 360? If that doesn't help, you would need a third-party tool to reduce the dimensions of your image then upload it into Rise 360. I would defer to the community for recommendations on what third-party software they use to modify their images.