Help needed with duplicating courses in multiple languages

Hi all,

I have been using Rise now for around 12 months. I have a collection of 8 courses with multiple modules in each course (Some in the 20's) I need to now create all of these modules into multiple languages. 

Does any one have experience in this? Our courses are made up of short videos followed by a few activities and some with assessments and coaching elements. 

I have tried to turn the closed captions on as standard so the learner does not have to turn them on for EVERY video as there are around 100 videos however I cannot see any way to do this so now I am looking at ways to embed/burn the subtitles into the video. I am currently using VLC Player which is working however it is cutting the last 2 seconds of volume off every video and I cannot seem to figure our why. 

I have looked into the translations setting on the course however I dont have a program that reads the XLIFF file. Could anyone please offer any assistance on how to best use this function as currently I am going through each activity, button, instruction etc through each module and copy and pasting the translations in. This is extremely time  consuming.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is likely to be ongoing as our brand is in over 60 countries.

Thanks in advance


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Nikki!

It sounds like you've already seen these steps for translating a course and this article on how to add multiple language captions to a video. You're on the right path! 

While we don't recommend specific translation tools, this discussion thread has several recommendations you can check out. 

I'll also open the floor to the community to share their recommendations and best practices for translating courses!